Guarantee:  Your store opening and/or product rollout will not be delayed by us


At Leeman we excel in taking your project from the initial concept through the design phase to maximize functionality while ensuring the integrity of the original design.


We have been manufacturing custom fixtures for 30 plus years, the how has changed as technology has evolved, but we continue to keep an emphasis on maintaining superior quality while using innovative software and technology. We are your turnkey custom millwork solution.


To streamline and simplify your project needs we can consolidate all owner purchased items that go in or on your fixtures. This service enables all items to arrive together onsite shortening timelines and preventing delays in store openings. Our clients can attest that in using this service they have seen a reduction in shipping costs as well as been able to condense construction timelines.


Our self-performing install teams and long time partners nationwide are one of our competitive advantages. We create our fixtures with plug and play capabilities which increases efficiency of our installs and allows our clients to open their stores quickly and begin servicing their customers.


Our skilled project management teams are our customers single point of contact from the design phase through install ensuring quality and consistency through every step of the job.